FAQ's - Frequently Adventured Questions


  • What do I need for the rally?
  • What kind of visa do I need?
  • What kind of vehicle can I drive?
  • Where do I get my hands on my perfect rally vehicle?
  • Charity and donations
  • What charities does the Baltic Sea Circle support?
  • How do I collect donations?
  • betterplace.org - collect donations online
  • Public relations
  • Sponsors
  • Branding your rally vehicle
  • The starting event in Hamburg


What do I need for the rally?

A sense of adventure, a vehicle 20 years and old, the appropriate visa(s), and 16 days’ time!


What kind of visa do I need and where do I get it?

If you are an EU citizen, you just need a visa for Russia. And if you also want to go to the Russian exclave Kaliningrad you should apply for a double entry visa so you can enter Russia twice. And remember to always have a valid passport on you.

If you need assistance obtaining your visa(s), contact a specialized Russia travel agency close-by or a big visa service like Servisum. Alternatively, you can apply for a visa directly at a given country’s consulate or embassy in your home country. Please be aware that for some countries your passport will need to be valid for an extended period (perhaps even beyond the date you plan to leave that country), and that the issuing of a visa in the first place can also take time.

We ask that our rally participants who are not citizens of EU countries please be responsible for learning the entry requirements of the individual countries.


What kind of vehicle am I allowed to drive?

To participate in the rally, you have to have an appropriate vehicle. Cars, motorcycles (two-wheelers) and trucks at least 20 years old (at start) are all allowed. Mobile homes are not permitted.

Also, the value of the vehicle should total no more than €2500. Your team will be required to collect an extra €100 more for charity for every €1000 above €2500 that your vehicle cost you. The vehicle should be approved for street driving, and don’t forget to get your emissions and basic systems checked (TÜV, MOT, etc.) – you don’t want to be stuck on the side of the road somewhere!  The vehicle must not have been determined with application. Until start of the rally you have time to find your perfect rally vehicle.


Where can I get my hands on a good rally vehicle?

Check out the Internet or peruse the classifieds in your local newspaper. You can find a wide range of suitable and cost-effective cars on websites like mobile.de or autoscout24.eu.

Or you could try convincing your sister to let you take her beloved compact out for a “joyride” of sorts…


Charity and donations

Collect €750 for some awesome charity projects. Half of that amount will automatically go to projects that we have painstakingly vetted and where we’re certain the money is going where it should: to the people who really need it. You can donate the other half to a charity close to your heart, or you could simply give the full €750 to our official charity partners.


What charities does the Baltic Sea Circle support?

The official charity partners of the Baltic Sea Circle are the Movember Foundation, Deepwave e.V., Lebensbrücke e.V., Arche e.V., Moebius Syndrom e.V. and Sage Hospital e.V.


How do I collect donations?

Get active! Tell your friends, family and colleagues about your unique rally plans. Collect donations online. Run a table at a flea market. Hold a raffle. Get the media involved. Throw yourself a fundraising party! There are many, many ways to get it done.


betterplace.org - collect donations online

Set up your own personal donation-collecting website at betterplace.org. Betterplace.org makes donating transparent and allows you to complete transactions online. All donations collected via betterplace.org will go directly to the S.A.C’s charity projects and organizations and to each team’s selected charity or charities.


The press is your friend

If you need help collecting donations, why not get the media involved? Tell your local newspaper, radio or television station about the charity rally. Who knows, you might even get more donations than you need, and perhaps find additional sponsors, too!



It’s all about having a plan: Ask your local body shop if they’ll fix up your rally vehicle. Ask the tailors on the corner if they’ll sew your team’s logo onto some cool apparel for you. You could also strike up a mutually beneficial deal by agreeing to immortalize your sponsor(s) or their businesses on your rally vehicle. Or you could agree to mention your sponsors in your dealings with the local media, or even put their business info on your team’s personal website. The possibilities are endless.


Branding your rally vehicle

You have the vehicle. You have the sponsors. Now you feel a desperate desire to pimp your ride. Let the creative juices flow! Just remember that each car will get stickers with the official rally logo to put onto the driver-side door, passenger-side door and the hood. Each rally vehicle will also get two official starting numbers which should be attached prominently visible at the vehicle.

Size of the stickers:

  • The official rally logo stickers are circular and have a diameter of 45 cm (>17 inches)
  • The starting number stickers are squared with a side length of 40 cm (>15 inches)


The starting line event in Hamburg

The rally starting line event kicks off on June 16th, 2018, in Hamburg at 10:00 a.m. The official start of the rally itself will take place between noon and 2 p.m. We’ll let you know the exact address of all this on May 16th, 2018.

Party time in the Baltic States and at the Polar Circle

Directions to all the meet-and-greet points and to the official S.A.C partys in the Baltic States and at the Polar Circle can be found in your Roadbook. Rally participants will receive their Roadbooks at the starting point.