And for a good cause

Having an adventure you’ll never forget is one thing. But helping others while you’re at it? That’s where we come in—in fact, it’s the idea behind all S.A.C rallies.

To achieve that goal, each team should raise €750 for charity in order to participate in the rally. The money can go to projects that we have carefully vetted to ensure that all contributions go where they should—to the people who truly need them. Or you are free to pick a charity of your choice to donate to.

What charity projects do we support?
The official charity partners of the Superlative Adventure Club are Movember Foundation, Deepwave e.V., Autonome Jugendwerkstätten Hamburg e.V., Moebius Syndrom Deutschland e.V., Sage Hospital e.V., Deutsche Lebensbrücke e.V. and Die Arche e.V.

How do you get your donation together?
The charity contribution doesn’t have to come completely or directly from you. Use your imagination!

  • First things first: Get yourself an online donation page e.g. at
  • Tell your friends, family and coworkers about your incredible plans
  • Get the local media involved to promote your cause
  • Throw a donation party or charity dinner
  • Run a table at a flea market, or maybe organize a raffle
  • Design a Facebook page for you and your team and get people to “friend” your superlative adventure

There are many, many ways to get it done. Raising your donation is an adventure in itself!
The donations may be raised anytime between a team’s online registration all the way through to the end of the rally.

Where do you deposit the donations?
Set up your own personal donation-collecting website e.g. at makes donating transparent and allows you to complete transactions online. All donations collected via will go directly to the S.A.C’s charity projects and organizations and to each team’s selected charity or charities.

Fact Box

  • Raise €750 for great charity projects
  • Online and easy via
  • Movember Foundation e.V.
  • Sage Hospital e.V.
  • Deepwave e.V.
  • Die Arche e.V.
  • Deutsche Lebensbrücke e.V.
  • Moebius Syndrom Deutschland e.V.
  • Autonome Jugendwerkstätten Hamburg e.V.

  • S.A.C Charity Partner