Details & Regulations



The Baltic Sea Circle is taking place for the 9th time ever in 2019 after seven amazing tours since 2011. Be an adventurer in the Baltic Rally 2019: You won't get this chance a second time! Because: For the 2019 blast-off in Hamburg City we only permit a limited number of teams. So be quick - or stay at home.


Application Period 2019:

The sign-up period for the Baltic Sea Circle 2019 will open on September 25th, 2018, at 6:00 p.m. (CET)


Start of the Rally 2019:

June 15th, 2019, in Hamburg,
The official rally start will take place in the heart of Hamburg.


Finish Line 2019:

June 30th, 2019, in Hamburg
In Hamburg, we will celebrate the successful ending of the Baltic Sea Circle 2019 with a big finish line party and of course a prize giving ceremony.


Your Charity

Collect €750 for great charity projects. The money can go to projects that we have carefully vetted or you can donate to charity projects that are dear to your heart.
The charity money can be collected from the date of application until the end of the rally. More


The Vehicle

Old School Cars: 20 years and older (incl. year of construction 12/1999)

Old School Bikes: 20 years and older (incl. year of construction 12/1999); a biker team can consist out of max. 2 bikes

Commercial vehicles
Old School Trucks: 20 years and older (incl. year of construction 12/1999); mobile homes and trailer are not permitted

Your team will be required to collect an extra €100 more for charity for every €1000 above €2500 that your vehicle cost you.

The vehicle must not have been determined with the application. Until the start of the rally, you have time to find your perfect rally vehicle. More


How many participants may have a team?

There is no limit, only all of you must fit in the vehicle.



No GPS, no satnav, no highway, more adventure.



We will celebrate with you a crazy rally party somewhere in the wild East during the white nights and dance the whole night with elves and trolls around a campfire somewhere north of the Arctic Circle. Where exactly will you find out in the Roadbook.



This rally is not about speed. You have the chance due to tasks in your roadbook to dive even deeper into the adventure. You will get the roadbook at the start in Hamburg.
The winner of the
Baltic Rally Road Book Competition wins a starting spot for a further S.A.C rally of his choice.


Scope of Services

  • Support in organizing and planning
  • Your own team page on the S.A.C website
  • SAC Track: The official S.A.C live tracking app
  • Press work for the rally
  • S.A.C is the contact for questions and problems during the rally
  • Official rally start in the heart of Hamburg
  • Finish Line in Hamburg with a prize-giving ceremony and Finish Line Party
  • Parties half way in extraordinary locations
  • Rally kit, with everything that belongs to an official rally: Rally-car-branding with official Baltic Rally logos and rally numbers, rally T-shirts, stickers, merchandising. The rally kit will be sent out to the teams already four weeks before the start.
  • Roadbook: Your team has the chance due to tasks in your roadbook to dive even deeper into the adventure. You will get the road book at the start in Hamburg.
  • Certificate of participation
  • Not included in the application fee: accommodation, food and technical support are borne by the team itself.


How much does it cost?

The application fee for the Baltic Rally 2019 is €890 for a team of 2. For each additional team-member a starting fee of €250 will be charged.

The application fee must be transferred within 2 working days after successful online application to the S.A.C application account, so that the application for the Baltic Sea Circle is valid.

Additional team members can be subsequently registered until 2 months befor the start of the rally.

The application fee does not include the amount of €750 for charity.

Fact Box

  • Start and Finish in Hamburg
  • 7.500 km in 16 days through 10 countries
  • Old school vehicles at least 20 years old
  • NO GPS, NO SAT Nav,
    NO Motorways
  • Roadbook with exciting challenges and crazy missions
  • 2 PAX team from €890