Baltic Sea Circle 2017


You’re looking for something different and extraordinary next summer? New adventures and horizons? Pure wilderness combined with rough Eastern Bloccities sound like it could be your thing? Then it’s time to start considering the Baltic Sea Circle – the northernmost rally in the world.

Explore the northern hemisphere in the ultimate 7.500-km roadtrip around the extraordinary Baltic Sea. Hop in a car that your dad can only dream of. GPS and electronic navigation systems have to stay at home, but don’t worry – your senses will guide you through this epic adventure, where the sun won’t go down for 16 days straight.

Now is the time for the next big adventure of your life.

Rally Date: June 16th - July 1st, 2018
Sign-up: Starts September 28th, 2017, at 6:00 p.m.

Quickfacts - Baltic Rally


Old School Cars: 20 years and older (incl. year of construction 12/1998)

Old School Bikes: 20 years and older (incl. year of construction 12/1998); a biker team can consist out of max. 2 bikes

Commercial vehicles
Old School Trucks: 20 years and older (incl. year of construction 12/1998


Start and Finish in Hamburg.
7.500 km in 16 days through

  • Scandinavia: 
    Danmark, Sweden, Norway & Finland
  • Artic Circle and North Cap
  • Russia: Murmansk to 
    St. Petersburg
  • Baltic States:
    Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania
  • Poland



  • NO GPS.
  • NO Sat Nav.
  • NO Motorways.
  • MORE adventure!

Party Time
Arctic Circle Party above the polar circle and White Nights Party in Estonia.

This rally ain’t about speed. In your Roadbook you’ll find some tasks that’ll have you diving deeper into your adventure.


How many members may have a team?
There is no upper limit, but you all have to fit in the vehicle, of course!

Your Charity
Round up €750 to be donated to charity projects.

Starting fee:
The application fee is €850 for a two-person team.
The charge for each additional team member is €250.

Baltic Sea Circle 2016 - Team 140 Roadrunner from fabelhaft media on Vimeo.

Please add 2 and 6.

Winter Edition - Baltic Sea Circle 

24. Febuary - 10. March 2018

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