The Rally


You’ve been up all day, 16 days in a row. You’re driving a car your dad could only dream of, taking in the stunning nature all around you and experiencing the white nights and polar days.

Explore the Baltic States, Russia and Scandinavia in your own special way.

7,500 km of white sand coastline, lonely archipelago, rugged cliffs and deep fjords, the North Cape (the northernmost point in Europe) in midsummer, and insane parties at the Arctic Circle and in St. Petersburg & Tallinn during the famous White Nights. The Baltic Sea is exploding with action this time of year and you’re sure to get your taste of it.

Imagine yourself in a 27-year-old BMW driving by the light of the midnight sun, just a couple miles from the North Cape. Drink a homebrewed with the sons of the Vikings. Dance 24 hours around the midsummer trees in Latvia. Have the most action-packed 16-day adventure of your life.

This is the Baltic Sea Circle, the northernmost adventure rally in the whole wide world. And it’s taking place for the 10th time ever, so get your laziness out of your bones and join the 10th edtion of the rally now.

Fact Box

  • 16 Days of Adventure
  • 10 Countries
  • 7.500 kilometer
  • Start in Hamburg, Germany
  • Finish in Hamburg, Germany