The Vehicle



Berlin, December 1989. The wall has finally come down after more than 28 years, and no doubt a lot of changes are afoot. But what about all the beautiful and properly engineered cars on the streets? They’re not just gonna get scrapped, are they??

The Baltic Sea Circle says NO WAY! The Audi 100, the 1978 VW Beetle, and of course the old stalwart, the Lada Niva, are going to be among your first choices for a stylish and rally-suitable car.

It’s all about finding your dream car. This is your once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to commandeer a cool, old limo (20 years and older) and drive it through the mysterious, gray Eastern Bloc, just like they did in the good old days.
If you’re iffy about traveling on four wheels, hop on a 1966 BMW R60/2 with a sidecar instead!


Baltic Sea Circle Vehicle Checklist:

Old School Cars: 20 years and older (incl. year of construction 12/2000)

Old School Bikes: 20 years and older (incl. year of construction 12/2000); a biker team can consist out of max. 2 bikes

Commercial vehicles
Old School Trucks: 20 years and older (incl. year of construction 12/2000); mobile homes and trailer are not permitted. Buses, such as T3, T4, GMC Vandura or Ford Transit are not considered as mobile homes.
Vehicles that were built solely as a camper or mobile home, e.g. with alcoves, are not permitted.

The vehicle must not have been determined with application. Until start of the rally you have time to find your perfect rally vehicle.

How do I get my hands on a vehicle for the rally?
Your great aunt got herself a brand spankin’ new SUV and you got her old ride – that ol’ lemon of a jalopy of a junker that’s currently rusting away in the driveway, right? Maybe you should consider searching the Internet to find your dream machine. You might be surprised at the number of affordable, quality cars that are offered on some used-car websites that’ll be perfect for your roadtrip and will also comply with the rules of the Baltic Sea Circle.

The environment sends its thanks!
Because, obviously, driving any motorized vehicle always impacts the environment, we ask that all teams get an ECO-Balance for their vehicle’s emissions. The CO2 emissions that each team’s vehicle puts out can be offset through donations to environmental protection projects.

Fact Box

  • Vehicles at least 20 years old
  • Cars, two-wheelers, commercial vehicles allowed